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The only way to understand the performance of your organisation is to study your organisation as a system. Studying as a system means following service demand from end-to-end to forensically examine your capability of response and uncover the system conditions which limit your potential for radical service improvement.

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Study: Services

Flock teach how to study your organisation as a system, identifying blockages, systemic waste and the causes of waste.

We help you understand the purpose of your services from your customers' point of view - and why what they buy is so far removed from what you think it is you sell.

We help you understand the types of customer demand - separating what is desirable from what is not. We give you the tools to map that demand from end to end, uncovering the truth of flow in your systems, of your systemic capability of response and most importantly building an understanding of why your system behaves this way.

Without this level of study we can only ever hope to tinker within the system. With the understanding that this study brings we can affect meaningful change to the system and deliver services fit for purpose.

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