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A social enterprise, whatever form it takes, is first and foremost a trading business. Its difference is that it trades primarily for social benefit. But like any other business it needs to generate profits (or surplus) to thrive.

Whether you are starting out with an idea, looking to grow and develop your business or want to know about more about social ownership and co-operative business models we can help you.

Business Development
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Social enterprises challenge conventional business thinking. Often risky on paper, holding few financial assets, more likely to trade in communities struggling with muliple deprivation and in areas of market failure, handing decision making over to their customers and maintaining a challenging balance of generating social impact with making a surplus to invest back into the enterprise.

It is not difficult to see why social enterprises tend to be failed by conventional business intermediaries. Nor are they well served by infrastructure built to support risk-averse charity models.

Our success in creating strong, financially sustainable organisations generating substantial social value enables us to advise from a position of experience making us:

  • experts in the social enterprise market

  • champions of the socially entrepreneurial approach

  • embedded in social investment markets, tools and institutions

  • innovators in social accounting

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